Avantika Rai Prakash is the mother of Sharon Rai Prakash and wife of Gautam Rai Prakas. A smart, successful and intelligent businesswoman, Avantika wants Sharon to be just like her. She wasn't with Sharon for the major part of her life but now wants to be more involved. She is disapproving of Sharon's best friends, Reyansh and Kriya, thinking that they are a bad influence on Sharon. She also dislikes Sharon's boyfriend, Swayam Shekhawat and tries her best to separate the two not understanding the true and deep love they have for one another. She and Sharon together run the St Louis Dance Academy. Avantika and Sharon are slowly improving their relationship which makes Avantika a better mother to Sharon. Avantika is extremely proud of her over-achieving daughter Sharon. Though Avantika and Sharon differ in many matters, they are also extremely similar. Sharon is now receiving the love from Avantika for which she was craving all these years.