Sharanjeet Kaur Rai Prakash, professionally and personally better known as Sharon Rai Prakash is the daughter of Gautam Rai Prakash and Avantika Rai Prakash. An extremely talent dancer, Sharon joins St Louis in Mumbai and earns the reputation of "Sharon-The Diva" because of her beauty and attitude. Her dance partner, Reyansh Singhania is also her best friend. Though talented, she is very arrogant and looks down upon the others. She is loved by Swayam Shekhawat but constantly snubs him. A new student, Kriya Ghai, gains popularity in college threatening Sharon's position which makes Sharon hate Kriya. Soon, Sharon develops feelings for Swayam and they enter a relationship. Her other friends include Simmi, Rinni, Nilesh, Vicky, Amar and Bharath. She eventually forms a good friendship with Kriya who is revealed to be her step-sister. Sharon becomes a very sensitive and helpful person as Swayam's unconditional love changes her for the better. However, Sharon and Swayam face many hurdles as Sharon's mother, Avantika, dislikes Swayam and their conflicting professional lives.